Pencil + Paper 

A couple of my attempts at drawing when I found some spare paper laying around. 


Oh what a ride!!

If only she knew, this was going to be the longest, most exciting ride of her life. Full of fear, electricity and excitement as the gentle climb took her higher than she had ever been. With barely enough time to take in the magical sight, she found herself dropping from cloud nine at a hundred miles an hour, flying towards each loop at breakneck speed, thrashed from side to side and thrown upside down time and time again. 

Why I love Anastasia (my ex husband’s wife)

Like most men, my ex husband was blind to my growing feelings of isolation until I gave up on our marriage after only 4 years. Thankfully he met beautiful Anastasia while she was visiting family in Sydney, their friendship eventually blossoming into long distance romance despite the huge cultural & geographical distance. After a while, Anastasia decided to leave her life in Ukraine to marry Jamie knowing that this involved becoming an instant stepmother to our three daughters when they were to dad’s. Our daughters are blessed to have a step mother that loves them but doesn’t meddle at all.

An unusual arrangement

When I decided to leave my ex husband, the hardest thing to work out was how to divide our time with the girls equally. He has always been a hands on dad, spending as much time as he could at home. Neither he or the girls would benefit from reducing their time together to just weekends and school holidays. I was so relieved when he agreed to trial my proposal of the girls staying with me during the 4 days he works then him having them on his 4 days free. We were sceptical at first but it has worked amazingly well for everyone, including his new wife for the last 8 years.