Puncture defined, Aussie slang style!! 

In Australia we have or own special language where one word has many meanings. Today I’d like to share some of our not so traditional definitions of puncture that you probably won’t find in the dictionary. Enjoy 🙂

 puncture [puhngk-cher]

  1. A hole, piercing or mark left after being bitten by a snake, shark, Crock or any of our many cute & cuddly Aussie animals. 
  2. Something that f#cks you’re car or bike tyre, usually when you’re already running late for work;) 
  3. An alternate description for indulging in the pleasures of the flesh, used by fukboys & players. Eg:- Fukboy’s friend asks So, did you punch her like a pornstar??  
  4. An alternate description for violence against women. (She keeps this sh#t up I’m gunna punch-her said the bully)
  5. A puncher – anyone who likes to fight.

Daily Post – Puncture 14/07/2017