Intuition warning or just some mega-faeces brewing!! 

Ever wondered why they call intuition a “gut” feeling?  I have pondered long and hard and finally decided that it must be because the “some things wrong feeling is so similar to pain we we get with gastrointestinal ailments.  Local legend says some people even died on the loo waiting too long for the log to drop.  They’re better off than the other side of the bitcoin though. These poor sods think they’re waiting for a bad news call which leaves them totally surprised when the shit hits the fan at 100ks an hour.  

Fictional theory by abcre8ive

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Another illogical theory from abcre8ive…

Anxiety,  shyness,  paranoia, defensiveness, hyper sensitivity, jealousy & insecurity have always been lurking in the shadows of my insane brain, ready to ambush & suffocate any glint of happiness, hope or self confidence that dares shine through. These emotions often strike without warning and can be extremely destructive if you let them, flipping the widest & happiest smile up side down into a frown.

Over the years I have learnt the long, hard way that my negative thought patterns gave these emotions more power than they deserved. By consistantly viewing these emotions of mine in a negative light, how could I expect  the end result be positive.  

In my opinion, using negative language creates a negative experience. Using the words challenging or learning experience rather than bad or negative will dramatically alter both your memory of the experience, as well as improve the chances of a favourable outcome.