The Companion

The road was rough, hardly more than a track really. There was a jangle as the cart it hit a pothole, making it harder than ever to hear my quietly spoken companion. I strained my ears as hard as possible to no avail. Risking a harsh glare I asked her to repeat her question. She took my deafness with good grace, yet I still did not hear her question. It was lost in the wind, the cart shattering with a terrifying crunch as it hit the dirt. Both quiet companion & myself stunned into silence as we caterpaulted through the air into the frozen dam. I can’t breathe, can’t see, can’t move, can’t stop myself sinking into non existance. As I lose consciousness, my mind drifts back to our conversation. Somehow I hear her question yet cannot answer, the icy water has my soul.

©BeCre8ive, All rights reserved 2017

Love or insanity? 

Overthinking, brain fractured, 

trust mattered, heart sinking, confidence shattered.

Insecurities or intuition? The question remains, can trust be regained?

Confusuion consumes her, is she insane? In too deep,  at the end of her Tether, hoping their connection is not an illusion. 

© BeCre8ive, All rights reserved 2017

Opposite Attraction 

The way I feel about you drives me insane, Colliding as opposite poles attract, we travel to another plane. Your magnetic field is pure electricity, a powerful force, my chain. Trapped, suspended in space, somewhere between pleasure and pain. 

With every fibre I want to believe you, I need to believe.  Been finding it so hard to trust, with the things that I’ve seen, Intuition claims I’m being deceived, trying to decide whether to keep trying or quietly leave? 

© BE Cre8ive, all rights reserved 2017

Local Treasures

In the Illawarra we are so lucky, beautiful mountains on one side and glorious ocean on the other!! What are your favourite places around you?? Some of my favourite Local treasures are:-

  • Coniston Beach
  • Windang
  • Bunkers at hill 60
  • Wollongong harbour
  • Let’s Do Coffee, keira st, Wollongong
  • Unanderra rock pool
  • Mount Kembla
  • Botanical Garden