Life and Death, A day of mixed emotions!

It was approximately 11pm on the eleventh of October, 2004 when the contractions started again. Since I’d had 2 false alarms previously, I was determined to wait until I knew it was really labour this time before I bothered the midwives again. Suddenly the phone rang, I answered it with trepidation. Calls at this timeContinue reading “Life and Death, A day of mixed emotions!”

They grow so fast!!

It seems like only yesterday they were babies, now they’re almost adults. I remember watching them scamper around, learning new things every minute as they explored their surroundings. Beautiful little faces lighting up with pure delight at every new discovery and achievement. 

Dreading the first lesson…

It seems like only yesterday she was a just a chubba bubba, a tiny package of pure pleasure to watch as she explored her surroundings. Whenever she fell we were right there to pick her up whenever she fell. Now my baby has her learner’s licence and I’m absolutely shitting myself. I know I’ll beContinue reading “Dreading the first lesson…”

Why I love Anastasia (my ex husband’s wife)

Like most men, my ex husband was blind to my growing feelings of isolation until I gave up on our marriage after only 4 years. Thankfully he met beautiful Anastasia while she was visiting family in Sydney, their friendship eventually blossoming into long distance romance despite the huge cultural & geographical distance. After a while,Continue reading “Why I love Anastasia (my ex husband’s wife)”