Puncture defined, Aussie slang style!! 

In Australia we have or own special language where one word has many meanings. Today I’d like to share some of our not so traditional definitions of puncture that you probably won’t find in the dictionary. Enjoy 🙂  puncture [puhngk-cher] A hole, piercing or mark left after being bitten by a snake, shark, Crock or anyContinue reading “Puncture defined, Aussie slang style!! “


Coping with Relevation Resentment!! 

 Why can’t people just be honest and communicate?? A chance post was a revelation and although seeing the truth was painful, at least I’m finally free now. I wish them both all the best. There’s no way I will compete for any man, especially if I’m in competition with youth & beauty.  I feel asContinue reading “Coping with Relevation Resentment!! “