Weird Allergies

It seems we’re all allergic to something these days, for instance I, myself am allergic to bananas & bullshit!

Intuition warning or just some mega-faeces brewing!! 

Ever wondered why they call intuition a “gut” feeling?  I have pondered long and hard and finally decided that it must be because the “some things wrong feeling is so similar to pain we we get with gastrointestinal ailments.  Local legend says some people even died on the loo waiting too long for the logContinue reading “Intuition warning or just some mega-faeces brewing!! “


Another illogical theory from abcre8ive…

Anxiety,  shyness,  paranoia, defensiveness, hyper sensitivity, jealousy & insecurity have always been lurking in the shadows of my insane brain, ready to ambush & suffocate any glint of happiness, hope or self confidence that dares shine through. These emotions often strike without warning and can be extremely destructive if you let them, flipping the widestContinue reading “Another illogical theory from abcre8ive…”

Life and Death, A day of mixed emotions!

It was approximately 11pm on the eleventh of October, 2004 when the contractions started again. Since I’d had 2 false alarms previously, I was determined to wait until I knew it was really labour this time before I bothered the midwives again. Suddenly the phone rang, I answered it with trepidation. Calls at this timeContinue reading “Life and Death, A day of mixed emotions!”

Back to basics…. 

When I was little we lived on a remote(ish) self sufficient property. Back then I took it for granted. There was nothing more I wanted than the chance to break free of life on the land and experience the”city” in all it’s glory. Now I live in the city and find myself missing the farmContinue reading “Back to basics…. “

Opposite Attraction 

The way I feel about you drives me insane, Colliding as opposite poles attract, we travel to another plane. Your magnetic field is pure electricity, a powerful force, my chain. Trapped, suspended in space, somewhere between pleasure and pain.  With every fibre I want to believe you, I need to believe.  Been finding it so hard to trust, with the things thatContinue reading “Opposite Attraction “

Gotta start somewhere..

Hi, here’s my very first attempt at rapping…. Warning, I’m shit at it!! TubinU OMFG. Mofo, what u playing at? Gunna snap, u sent me loco, i don’t fuckem rap!! U think I don’t know, think that I’m slow?? Cracked that fucking code a long time ago, I see you, scrolling, scrolling, chattrolling, playing games,Continue reading “Gotta start somewhere..”