Life and Death, A day of mixed emotions!

It was approximately 11pm on the eleventh of October, 2004 when the contractions started again. Since I’d had 2 false alarms previously, I was determined to wait until I knew it was really labour this time before I bothered the midwives again. Suddenly the phone rang, I answered it with trepidation. Calls at this timeContinue reading “Life and Death, A day of mixed emotions!”

A wise woman once said:-

“You cannot hide in your comfort zone if you wish and desire for growth in life.” Quote courtesy of wordpress blogger GIGGLES AND TALES 

Local Treasures

In the Illawarra we are so lucky, beautiful mountains on one side and glorious ocean on the other!! What are your favourite places around you?? Some of my favourite Local treasures are:- Coniston Beach Windang Bunkers at hill 60 Wollongong harbour Let’s Do Coffee, keira st, Wollongong Unanderra rock pool Mount Kembla Botanical Garden