The Companion

The road was rough, hardly more than a track really. There was a jangle as the cart it hit a pothole, making it harder than ever to hear my quietly spoken companion. I strained my ears as hard as possible to no avail. Risking a harsh glare I asked her to repeat her question. She took my deafness with good grace, yet I still did not hear her question. It was lost in the wind, the cart shattering with a terrifying crunch as it hit the dirt. Both quiet companion & myself stunned into silence as we caterpaulted through the air into the frozen dam. I can’t breathe, can’t see, can’t move, can’t stop myself sinking into non existance. As I lose consciousness, my mind drifts back to our conversation. Somehow I hear her question yet cannot answer, the icy water has my soul.

©BeCre8ive, All rights reserved 2017


Published by Normally insane

Mother, Photographer, Sarcasm Master & overthinker. A mere speckle of sand in the vast scope of this wonderful universe.

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