Gotta start somewhere..

Hi, here’s my very first attempt at rapping…. Warning, I’m shit at it!!


OMFG. Mofo, what u playing at? Gunna snap, u sent me loco, i don’t fuckem rap!!

U think I don’t know, think that I’m slow?? Cracked that fucking code a long time ago, I see you, scrolling, scrolling, chattrolling, playing games, fake names, it’s sending me insane, bonjour, j,’taime ❤ 

I’ll pull my jeans up, high & tight, while you master the classic double pipe, don’t want to fight, you’re dynamite. 

Still mystified, hypnotised, mesmerised by your eyes & I don’t understand why, do you lie? should I say bye? 


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Mother, Photographer, Sarcasm Master & overthinker. A mere speckle of sand in the vast scope of this wonderful universe.

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